Social Welfare Activities

Aila Cyclone Relief & Rehabilitation Work and Howrah Flood Relief Work- are 2 major social work which IRIIM have done recently with like minded organizations. IRIIM Sr. Faculty Dr. Chandana Mitra has personally treated several hundred patients mostly in pro- nature way in Aila affected remote villages. IRIIM ex. student Arun Mondal and others have assisted her. They also distributed Organic Relief materials worth several thousand rupees.

We are grateful that International Service Society led by Shri Kumar Poddar has kindly donated more than Rs. 9 Lacs for this Relief and Rehabilitation work of the affected people.


Organic Rice is distributed in Flood affected people of Howrah District


To establish our integrated therapy, as well as recognition of pro-nature therapies in the society, support & participation of the patients, students & well-wishers as well as local people are very much essential. Presently we have decided to provide more flexible medical service to local people for better support & interaction.

IRIIM regularly maintain contact with like minded social organisations and its programmes. To establish our integrated therapy, as well as recognition of pro-nature therapies in the society, support & participation of the patients, students & well-wishers as well as local people are very much essential. Presently we have decided to provide more flexible medical service and awareness programme to local people for better support & interaction.


Greatest Danger To Life On Mother Earth

No one will disagree that an all out Nuclear War launched by accident or design will have catastrophic consequences for all life on earth. Recent Japanese Nuclear Meltdown makes it very clear that Nuclear Power has unacceptable risks.

After the end of the Second World War the United Nations was formed to prevent all future wars. In the UN Security Council five world powers were given veto power. These countries are Russia, China, United States, United Kingdom and France. Despite the UN Security Council and the veto power of these five countries there has been no PEACE.


The reason is simple. War is profitable. 85% of world's trade in Armaments is done by these five countries that were given the veto power to stop future wars. But they continue to create war and sell arms.

Only a few countries in the world claim to be democratic. Even in these so called democratic countries voter fraud and buying of votes is common. In India which boasts itself of being the largest democracy buying and selling of votes is very common. Even members of parliament are often for sale for the right price.

Big and small scams are common place in most of the so called democratic countries. We are frustrated because the very people we voted for and put in positions of power have betrayed our trust and are often taking bribe to favor the rich and powerful…so much so that they know that our food, water and air are all poisoned…still they do not ban them.

Citizen Action

Ordinary people throughout the world have lost faith in people in positions of authority and have from time to time taken matters to the streets even at the risk of their lives. We are witnessing this phenomenon in over a dozen countries of Africa and the Middle East.

In the near past people of Greece, Turkey, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Nicaragua, Poland, Hungry, Czechoslovakia, Vietnam and Cambodia have defeated the dictators and have put some control over their governments.

Suggested Action Program For The Future

Right Knowledge to struggle against the ills of our Society we must have the correct information. Self Reliance is must. No political party or even no NGO will not give us freedom and democratic rights. Nayi Azadi Action Program consisting of organic farming, interest free banking, prevention for better health and self transformation are showing good results.

Most of the experts of the world that are supported by the Establishment justify the wrong policies which are impoverishing the common man throughout the world. The recent financial meltdown in Europe and America which are considered advanced economies has millions of people without jobs, without source of income and on the verge of starvation.

Nayi Azadi friends must wake up and realize that all our activities to help improving the life and health of our people cannot be done in isolation without understanding the powerful economic and political forces working against the good of everyone.

If we do not win the struggle against Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons there is a great possibility that the world will suffer annihilation of all life forms. We know that the scientists and military planners have the knowledge and willingness to create plague, climate change, cause earthquakes, and unleash biological weapons and other forms of calamities which can cause immense suffering.

Time for serious thinking and reflection is now. From time immemorial India has been a beacon of freedom and prosperity as well as right knowledge for the people of the world. Now that we have defeated the British Raj, we must pledge ourselves to defeating the unjust exercise of power of our own Brown Raj.

For this purpose we must do the Sankalp (Resolution), Develop Right Strategy, Experiment and modify the strategy in light of results. To achieve success we must treat every obstacle in our path as God's Gift to help us overcome them and to rededicate ourselves for our goals.


Nayi Azadi Abhiyan meet at IRIIM Bhawan, Howrah


Nayi Azadi Abhiyan activist welcomes Shri Kumar Poddar at Wardha Shibir


Lavanam, Gautam Bajaj and ShriKumar Poddar at Wardha Shibir of Nayi Azadi Abhiyan