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  2. Soldiers Get Relief From Hilly Leaf

    Security guard in - 40 0 C at Siachen. Patrolling with binocular along the border of Leh, Ladakh, or inaccessible areas of Sikkim or Arunachal at freezing temperature.  The Indian army can accommodate in any circumstances or climate, there is no competent against them. Still  our soldier become sick occasionally due to extreme cold and mental stress.  They can get relief from this condition with a hilly leaf, called ‘Titipatti’ or popularly known as ‘Moxa’.

    This plant is found frequently in hilly region of Darjeeling and Sikim. The dried leaves are made like a cigar and ignited cigar held over some specific points or area of the body to get wonderful result. It is not only used in common cold or mental stress but it gives very good result in diarrhoea also.

    Indian Research Institute for Integrated Medicine (IRIIM), Mourigram, Howrah, a non governmental treatment centre, has been doing research with this leaves for last few years. Ministry of defense, GOI has sponsored Rs.10 Lakhs already for this purpose. IRIIM have showed the potentiality of this leaves at defense laboratory, Tezpur. After successfully qualifying the 1st step, IRIIM has to pass one more step at defence laboratory in Leh. If it happens successful, “Moxa” leaves could be introduced in soldiers’ kit.

    Dr. Debasis Bakshi, Director of IRIIM says “it will be unique work in our country if Moxa becomes a part of army’s Kit.” He also says that not only army, who loves travel in extreme cold, they also can easily use this Moxa stick.

    Dr. Debasis and others of IRIIM have been doing research work on this field and pro nature therapies since so many years keeping aside conventional therapies. Depending on hilly Moxa leaves IRIIM wants to blow the conch of victory in natural therapies.

    Sangbad Pratidin (Bengali Daily Newspaper) 23.02.13