The Progress

1981 IRIIM was established by a group of young medical graduates. A few of them were students of late Dr. B. K. Basu, doyen of Acupuncture in India. Social consciousness and scientific mind were the motivation behind this endeavor. Registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act on Sept.1, 1981.Free integrated Acupuncture O.P.D. along with regular training to doctors & non-doctors started in Calcutta.

1983 1st. Acupuncture Training-cum-Free Treatment camp held in Mumbai.

1984 1st. Acupuncture Training-cum-Free Treatment Camp held at Kerala.

1985 1st. Acupuncture Training-cum-Free Treatment Camp in New Delhi was organised by doctors of L.N.J.P.N. Hospital where 25 doctors undergone Acupuncture training.

1986 Doctors from Punjab Health Service and Bangladesh took acupuncture training at IRIIM.

1988 1st. Acupuncture Training-cum-free Treatment camp held at Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat. Plan to establish Acupuncture College & Hospital at Andul-Mouri, Howrah was finalised.

1989 Dr.Ranajit Ghosh, Sr. Faculty Member & Executive Committee Member, IRIIM died of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

1990 Ranajit Memorial Acupuncture College & Hospital (RMACH) was established at Andul-Mouri, Howrah, W.B. with outdoor and indoor, which is 1st. of its kind in eastern India.

1992 Applied for ICMR Research Project on Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Applied for Drug De-addiction Centre to the Ministry of Welfare, Govt. of India.

1995 Integration of Yoga, Naturopathy & Natural Dietetics along with Acupuncture started. Two Senior Faculty members participated in the Expert Committee meeting of Acupuncturists at the invitation of Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for the Recognition of Acupuncture as a system of therapy in India. An exhaustive ‘Note of Reference’ on Acupuncture submitted to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India. IRIIM acquired its own land at Mourigram, Howrah. Research Advisory Board formulated.

1996 Got recognition from DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, which is first time in India in the field of Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine. Faculty members presented integrated treatment protocol for the management of Drug De-Addiction in the National Symposium, New Delhi.

1997 ICMR sponsored research project on Rheumatoid Arthritis commenced. Diploma Courses started Integrated Acupuncture as well as on Acupuncture-Yoga-Naturopathy at Ranajit Memorial Hospital & Acupuncture-Yoga- Naturopathy College of Research. Faculty member presented research paper in a National Symposium on Addict Management with Traditional therapies and participated the experts committee meeting in this regard. IRIIM started functioning at its newly constructed building - IRIIM Bhawan in its own new campus beside Mourigram Rly. Stn. at Howrah district of West Bengal.

1998 The Recognition of DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India has been renewed for the 2nd. consecutive term. Devastating Fire at IRIIM Bhawan destroyed all the valuables. Within 3 days, work resumes at temporary establishment. Reconstruction of IRIIM Bhawan started.

1999 Registered under Foreign Contribution Registration Act (FCRA). 5-bed Yoga-Naturopathy Patient Care Centre sponsored by CCRYN, Govt. of India started. ICMR Project on Rheumatoid Arthritis completed successfully. IRIIM sent medical team and aid for Orissa cyclone relief.

2000 Annual Program held on 29-30th Jan. Prof. Dr.M.E. Yeolekar of Mumbai, delivered Ranajit Memorial Oration (3rd). Govt. of West Bengal sanctioned Rs.5 Lacs for the reconstruction of IRIIM Bhawan. Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) was asked to construct the building. 3 years collaborative research project on “Development of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition System for the Exploitation of Non-Invasive Traditional Diagnostic Potential of Tongue”, sponsored by Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of India started. VIDE, USA, a ‘not for profit’ organisation of NRI, donated for the relief of flood victims of Murshidabad, West Bengal through IRIIM. 2nd. Acupuncture Seminar-cum-treatment camp held at Kerala.

2001 Total activities of IRIIM were shifted to its own premises. The Recognition of DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India has been renewed for the 3rd. consecutive term. Participated & presented research papers at Trichy (Tamilnadu) National Conference & World Conference of Acupuncture, Singapore on Computer aided Tongue Diagnosis.3rd.Acupuncture Seminar-cum-treatment camp held at Kerala.

2002 National Conference on Pro-Nature Therapy held at ‘IRIIM Bhawan, Mourigram, Howrah from 22.02.02 to 24.02.02.  Dr. S.N.Pandey, Asst. Research Officer, CCRYN, New Delhi, delivered Ranajit Memorial Oration (4th.). Inauguration of the 1st. part of permanent structure of IRIIM Bhawan by Hon’ble Mayor, HMC. First time any state govt. in India builds a non-govt. acupuncture hospital. VIDE, USA, donated for the construction of Deaddiction center at IRIIM Bhawan.

2003 Qualified Medical Graduates trained by IRIIM got recognition from Council of Acupuncture Therapies, Govt. of West Bengal. Construction of 2nd. phase of IRIIM Bhawan sponsored by Sri Somesh Dasgupta & Abhijit Dasgupta completed. The Peoples University of Bangladesh & IRIIM will co-operate each other inAcupuncture. Traditional TONGUE Diagnosis Project completed successfully. Research Project applied to CCRYN, New Delhi. 4th.Acupuncture Seminar-cum-treatment camp held at Kerala.

2004 IRIIM Programme took place on 14-15 February 2004, ex. Defence Scientist from Jodhpur Rajasthan, Prof. Dr. RamGopal, Advisor IRIIM delivered Ranajit Memorial Oration. The Recognition of DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India has been renewed for the 4th. consecutive term. Acupuncture training course for qualified physicians run by IRIIM got Affiliation from Council of Acupuncture Therapy, under Govt. of West Bengal. Chairman, Left Front, West Bengal inaugurated 3rd. phase of IRIIM Bhawan. Faculty members presented papers at Desert Medicine Research Centre (DMRC – an ICMR Centre), Jodhpur & Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur. Papers were also presented at The Peoples University of Bangladesh, Dhaka & National Conference of Acupuncture Association of India. Collaborative research project proposal with IIT, Kharagpur submitted to DST.

2005 25th. Anniversary (1981-2006) programme of IRIIM to be observed throughout the year. IRIIM senior faculty members visited Kerala & Bangalore and presented papers. 5th. Acupuncture seminar-cum-treatment camp held at Kerala. Till 2004, more than 2 lacs patients treated and more than 400 Doctors & 350 Freshers got training in integrated acupuncture from all over India & abroad at IRIIM. CCRYN, Govt. of India funded 3 yrs. research project on ‘Standardization of naturopathic diagnosis with traditional tongue diagnosis’ started from 1.7.05. Projects on “Networking for reducing risk taking behaviour related to Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS amongst young people in south Asia” sponsored byUN Office on Drugs and Crime, Regional Office for South Asia (UNODC ROSA) completed in 2005. 1year Project on “Prevention of Spread of HIV amongst Vulnerable Groups in South Asia” sponsored by UNODC ROSA commenced. National Institute of Social Defence (NISD) has given wide coverage on De-Addiction work of IRIIM at its Newsletter-May’05 issue-

2006 IRIIM attended FINGODAP- 5th. National Conference held at Kerala. North Bengal & Kerala Branch (Preparatory) of IRIIM started functioning. 6th. Acupuncture seminar-cum-treatment camp held at Kerala. 6 days (Feb. 27- Mar. 4, 2006) National Workshopand Training Programme on ‘Yoga-Naturopathy and Integrated Medicine including Acupuncture’ held at IRIIM Bhawan lead by Prof. Dr. Ram Gopal, Chairman, Research Advisory Board (RAB) IRIIM, Dr. Ram Gopal delivered lecture on “How to keep yourself healthy in pro-nature way”. Collaborative research project proposal on TongueDiagnosis with IIT, Kharagpur resubmitted to DST.IRIIM 25th.Anniversary Final programme to be observed at Siliguri,Darjeeling District on Nov.30-Dec.6 2006 by IRIIM North Bengal Preparatory Committee and at IRIIM Bhawan, Mourigram Howrah on Dec. 8-10,2006. participated ‘Nayi Azadi Abhiyan’ Shibir at Amta, Howrah. IRIIM Annual Programme 2008 held at IRIIM Bhawan. WBREDA Sanctioned for installing Solar Street Lights at IRIIM at a reduced rate.

2007 UNODC sponsored projects (awareness against HIV/AIDS) started. Dr.D.Bakshi and Dr.C.Mitra participated ‘Naya Azadi Shibir’ at ‘Sambhav Ashrama’ Orissa in Feb.2007. IRIIM Faculty presented paper on Naturopathy History Congress at NIN, Pune. IRIIM Kolkata Acupuncture clinic at Sealdah started on 1.3.07.Dr.D.Bakshi presented talk on ‘Tongue Diagnosis’ at ICMR, New Delhi at their invitation on 2.3.07. An appeal towards help for treatment of IRIIM Sr. Faculty Dr. Sujata Pal was circulated to well wishers of India & Abroad. It got excellent response from the Donors. She got Kidney Transplantation successfully on Mar.22. DST. Govt. of India sanctioned Collaborative research project on Tongue Diagnosis with IIT, Kharagpur. IRIIM decided to continue the Drug Deaddiction & Rehabilitation activity without Govt. Aid. Total 3 YN Camps sponsored by NIN, Pune held. The Moxa project sponsored by Defence Research Lab, Tezpur started on 14.8.07 Acupuncture training camp started on 15.8.07 in Mumbai. Lecture session on acupuncture held at Calicut, Kerala. In October, Dr. Bakshi presented papers on Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) & its management with AYN at DMRC, Jodhpur and on Acupuncture and Traditional Tongue Diagnosis at Hamdard University, New Delhi IRIIM International Advisor Mr. Shrikumar Poddar discussed on ‘Nayi Azadi Abhiyan’, at IRIIM Bhawan.Decision taken to start with organic food and scientific method of Fund Raising. Dr.Bakshi presented paper on Acupuncture Research & IRIIM Experience at a conference on Alternative Medicine, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Recognition of DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India has been renewed for the 5th. consecutive term.

2008 IRIIM participated ‘Nayi Azadi Abhiyan’ Shibir at Amta, Howrah. IRIIM Annual Programme 2008 held at IRIIM Bhawan, Prof. Dr. RamGopal, Advisor RAB, IRIIM led the Yoga session. Field Survey on Moxa conducted in Himalayan range in Namchi, Sikkim and Kalimpong, Darjeeling district of West Bengal. Dr. D. Bakshi & Dr. C. Mitra visited Defence Lab. Tejpur to present progress of Moxa project and delivered lectures on general health awareness. Total 3 no. Y&N awareness programme, sponsored NIN, Pune held. Dr. S. N. Pandey, conducted one YN Prog. Dr. Bakshi participated Workshop on “Survey for AYUSH under NRHM: Status and Role” Sponsored by National Health Systems Resource Centre, organized by SOM, TGOUat New Delhi. Dr. Bakshi presented Tongue Diagnosis Final Project Report (2005-08) at CCRYN, New Delhi. “Survey for AYUSH under NRHM” in West Bengal started. Dr. Bakshi and Dr. Pal presented papers on Moxa and ‘Efficacy of Acupuncture in RA’ in the Acupuncture Association of India 13th. All India Conference held in Kolkata. Padmashree Awardee and renowned Acupuncturist from Delhi, Dr. Raman Kapur visited IRIIM.

2009 IRIIM Annual Programme and 5 NIN sponsored Treatment cum Awareness camps held. “IRIIM-ER KATHA”- booklet published. Survey for AYUSH under NRHM in West Bengal & Tripura- Final report & Data submitted to SOM, TGOU. Participated in Nayi Azadi Shibir at Orissa. Mrs. Shirin Gadhia of Gadhia Solar Energy System, Gujrat visited IRIIM. Dr. Bakshi, Dr. Mitra, and Dr. Sujata Pal met Dr. Vatsala and Monorama Kotnis at Kolkata. 20th Dr. Ranajit Ghosh Memorial Day observed. Delivered Organic Relief Materials to Aila and Howrah Flood victims. Prof. Dr. Chitralekha Mallick and ShriKumar Poddar donated big amount for IRIIM Bhawan construction. Moxa Projects sponsored by DRL, Tezpur completed. Founder of Michigan Peace Team, Noted peace activist and specialist in nonviolence Reverend Father C. Peter Dougherty of USA who received the prestigious “Jamunalal Bajaj International Award for Promoting Gandhian Values Outside India” this year in Mumbai, visited Kolkata and West Bengal fromNov.8-12,’09. During this period he stayed at Ranajit Menorial IRIIM Acupuncture Hospital, Mourigram, Howrah, West Bengal. IRIIM Yoga-Naturopath Maya Das attended NIN Training Prog. Dr. Bakshi delivered invited lecture on Preventive aspect of Moxa at International Conf. at Agra. Dr. Bakshi joined Meeting of the Leading Acupuncturists. A meeting with Mr. Dinesh Tribedi, Hon’ble Minister of State, Health & FW, Govt. of India, held at New Delhi on Dec.20, regarding Recognition of Acupuncture. Dr. Bakshi, on behalf of IRIIM & other noted Acupuncturists were present.

2010 On Jan.3, Shri Kumar Poddar visited IRIIM and a meeting was held on ‘Nayi Azadi Abhiyan’. In February, Dr.Bakshi & Dr. Chandana Mitra participated Awareness Meetings, Medical Camps and Conference held at Allahabad, Ludhiana, New Delhi respectively, papers presented were on ‘Research Achievement of IRIIM’ ‘Diet & Life style’. I.T. Exemption certificate renewed on Feb.20. IRIIM staff attended Organic meet in several places. Participated in the Chintan Baithak of Nayi Azadi Abhiyan held at Wardah, Maharashtra from Mar.3-10. On March 25, IRIIM got Renewal of DSIR Recognition for next 3 years from 01.04.10 to 31.03.13. Dr. D. Bakshi was present as Chief Guest and presented invited paper on Moxibustion in the 3rd. National Acupuncture Conference and Convocation Ceremony organised by AcupunctureAssociation of Karnataka held at Bangalore on April 4. On April 7, Dr. RamGopal, Dr.Krishna Dalal & Dr. Bakshi were awarded with ‘Health Education And Development (HEAD) in the health summit 2010, at world congress on drugless therapies held in New Delhi organized by The Global Open University (TGOU), Nagaland. 7 days (April  26-May 2) Acupuncture-Yoga-Naturopathy (AYN) free treatment cum awareness camp and seminar 2010 was held successfully at IRIIM Bhawan, prestigious Dr. Ranajit Memorial Oration on The Role Of Humanity In The Present Conditions was delivered by Mr. Lavanam, the veteran Gandhian social worker & recipient of Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Gandhian Values-2009. Participated in the inaugural programme of ‘Dr. ShriNiwas Polypathy Hospital and Institute’ at Patna on 4.5.10 alongwith Dr. S. N. Pandey & Dr. Babu Joseph. Presentation of final report ofa research project on Tongue Diagnosis was done at Pune on 5.8.10. Dr. Babu Joseph, Director, NIN, Pune visited IRIIM and inaugurated organic store room & its selling counter on 2.9.10. Dr. Bakshi and Dr. C.Mitra conducted Acupuncture training for BNYS Doctors and Naturopaths at NIN, Pune campus at their invitation from Sept 5-9. IRIIM team participated Naturopathic Food Festival organized by NIN, Pune at Patna from Oct.7-10. A team of Traditional Practitioners from Australia (Traditional Healthcare) visited IRIIM for mutual collaboration on 22.10.10. Mr. Shrikumar Poddar, International Advisor of IRIIM visited and discussed on developmental work of IRIIM, fund raising programme, present world situation and on “Nayi Azadi Abhiyaan” on Nov.2. Stone – Foundation programme of the next block (North) of IRIIM Bhawan in memory of Pandit Bidhu Bhusan Bhattacherjee Saptathirtha was held at IRIIM on 21.11.10. Dr. Chitralekha Mallick, one of the well wishers of IRIIM will sponsor. Dr. Debasis Bakshi and Dr. Sujata Pal presented papers in the international conference at IIT, Kharagpur on ‘Traditional Tongue Diagnosis’ ‘Role of Moxibustion in Common Ailments’ respectively on Dec. 16-18.

2011 25.12.10- Dr. Bakshi participated a seminar on ‘Diabetes and Endocrinal Disorder’ organized by Indian AYUSH Academy and also delivered a speech on it. 26.12.10-Sujata, Maya, Manoj and Bharati participated one day NIN sponsored Yoga-Naturopathy awareness camp held at Haldia.8.1-9.1.11- IRIIM participated West Bengal Yoga-Naturopathy Conference for two days held at Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata organized by NIN, Pune. Dr. Pal presented paper on 8.1.11. regarding ‘Yoga-Naturopathy Awareness Camp – West Bengal scenario’. Dr. Bakshi presented paper on 9.1.11 regarding ‘Traditional Tongue Diagnosis’. An exhibition stall of IRIIM was arranged on Organic Food and Healthy items.10.1.- 16.1.11- IRIIM performed annual programme with 7 days Yoga-Naturopathy awareness camp sponsored by NIN, Pune. Dr. Babu Joseph, Director NIN, Pune inaugurated. Prof. Dr. RamGopal, Chairman, RAB, IRIIM was the Chief Guest.16.1.11-The construction of indoor extension work of first floor was completed and formally inaugurated in presence of Prof. Dr. RamGopal. Both Srikumar Poddar and Dr. Chitralekha Mallick have donated for the major part of finance.22.1.11- Dr. Ramkrishna Ghosh Mondal, a reputed homoeopathic physician of Howrah visited IRIIM and offered mutual cooperation. 26.1– 29.1.11- IRIIM participated and awarded the people on pronature healthy habits at Belur organized by Belur Subhas Sangha.5.2.11-Dr. Bakshi, Dr.Pal, Maya Das participated the condolence meeting of Pandit Bidhu Bhusan Bhattacharya, organized by Sanskrita Sahitya Parishad. 13.2.11- Dr.D.Bakshi participated a health camp at Jalpaiguri organized by Jalpaiguri Foundation for Traditional Treatment in collaboration with Jalpaiguri Municipality. IRIIM Faculty in USA, Dr. Amitava Banerjee also participated. 21.2-24.2.11- Dr.D.Bakshi visited Kerala for conducting acupuncture training class. 8.3-10.3.11 - Dr.D.Bakshi participated marriage in Mumbai where only 100% organic veg. food was served. Later on Dr. Bakshi joined Nayi Azadi meet there and met Smt. Monorama Kotnis, sister of Late Dr. Dwarkanath S. Kotnis. During the meet, condolence was expressed for the death of Dr. Vatsala Kotnis, a great friend of us who expired in Sept.'10. 11.3-13.3.11- Dr.D. Bakshi participated the faculty training programme (CPD) conducted by NIN, Pune to carry on the responsibility of spreading Naturopathy in the eastern zone of India. 13.3.11 - CCRYN officials inspected the research project and visited IRIIM. 17.3-22.3.11- A team of four students from Kerala came for further training in acupuncture.26.3-28.3.11 - Dr. K.S. Sripada Raju, Director, Vaishnava Centre for Enlightenment, Noted Philosopher & Vedanta Teacher from USA and senior most guide of Nayi Azadi Abhiyan (NAA) visited IRIIM and delivered speech on ‘Vedanta’ and participated in NAA meet held at IRIIM Bhawan.

Inauguration of IRIIM Bhawan new block-Jan.2011. From Left: Sabita Satpathy,ShriKumar Poddar, RamGopal, Chitralekha Mallick, Chandana Mitra, Debasis Bakshi, Supriya Ghosh & Debesh Poddar