General bed and Separate room ( on sharing basis)

Who may be admitted

  • The patients who are too much ill, weak and not able to walk
  • The patients who stay at distant places, districts and states
  • The patients who need integrated treatment throughout the day

What are the scopes

  • Acupuncture-Yoga-Naturopathy treatment under supervision of experienced physicians
  • To stay at natural environment
  • Electric and water supply whole the day (having own generator)
  • To read or study on various subjects at library
  • Entertainment – Singing, Magazine, Walking at garden
  • To receive & speak on telephone (7pm – 9pm)

Rules for Indoor Admission

  • Prior to admission, one will have to finalise date, time, package group, bed-type, also examination of all papers and case history of patient and check-up of patient if possible. Decision for admission will be finalized only after examination of patient.
  • Full payment to be made on 1st day according to group in package otherwise advance payment for at least 10 days in daily basis
  • Cost for personal attendant (if needed) to be deposited fully in advance or at least Rs. 1000/- primarily.
  • Cost for treatment appliance – required appliance to be bought on the 1st day or Rs. 300/- to be deposited for that.
  • Required appliance – Needle, Hammer, Moxa, Enema set, Neti Pot
  • Belonging for personal use to be brought along with, otherwise Rs. 300/- to be deposited.
  • Duly sign the undertaking after reading all the rules.


  • Integrated Acupuncture-Yoga-Naturopathy treatment by experienced physicians
  • To stay at natural environment
  • Generator facility
  • Entertainment – Singing, Television watching (limited hours), Magazine, Study, Walk in Garden.
  • If paid full in Advance, Discounted Package is available.

General Rules:

  • In case of package full payment in advance to be made on first day of admission otherwise payment rate will be treated on daily basis
  • Duration of stay at indoor for at least 10 to 30 days
  • Contact to office directly or over telephone prior to admission in any day except Wednesday, time 8 am – 12 noon & 4 – 6 pm.
  • Admission form and undertaking paper to be signed by patients and guardians
  • Visiting hours daily 4pm – 6pm, only two persons allowed at a time.
  • Any person may contact to his /her patient over telephone (033-2669-6671/2647-0652) at 7 pm – 9 pm with permission. Mobile phone not allowed without permission.
  • Any food items except fruits from outside not allowed.
  • All medicines, prescriptions and reports of previous treatment to be brought during admission, here physician may change the prescription if needed.
  • Every patient will have to bring personal clothing (2-3 set) suitable dresses for yogasana.
  • Diet-it is an important part of our integrated treatment. So all are requested to take particular diet with great pleasure and be healthy.
  • Betel leaf or any other product for addiction specially coloured not allowed to take at least previous 7 days of admission for the purpose of treatment.
  • Any additional money or tips to any staff is not allowed.
  • Any cash or ornaments or valuable items not allowed to keep with. Deposit extra cash to the office.
  • The package facility is not applicable for corporate patient or who gets reimbursement from other financial company.
  • In case of emergency condition, hospital authority may transfer the patient to nearby general hospital, the patient or his/her guardian will bear all this cost.
  • If the patient is not taken by the party back at home in schedule date, then extra cost for stay at hospital or to reach to home will have to bear by the patient or the guardian.
  • All patients and guardians will have to sign the under taking after thoroughly reading the rules during admission.
  • All are requested to obey the institutional rules. The patient may be discharged without showing any cause if needed.
  • Rules are different for Pratayaya De-addiction and Rehabilitation centre.