Visitors Opinion


  1. It’s a great pleasure for us to visit IRIIM Hospital where the Chinese traditional medical treatment is used to Indian patients and we are very happy to see the Chinese medicine is spreading in India and benefit the Indian patients. We hope that the Cultural change between the two countries would be more successful.

Yang Lin Hai

Cultural Counsellor, Chinese Embassy in India, New Delhi.

March 15, 2002

  1. To Dr. Bakshi & all his staff

Thank you for letting me see your excellent clinic. It is a pioneer programme in India in the whole world

Michael O Smith MD, Lincoln Hospital, NY, USA

Suneel Vatsyayan, Director Caring Foundation, New Delhi

  1. I feel privilege to have had the opportunity to witness the results of long-standing and hard work of Dr. Bakshi and his associates. It is a matter of great pride and satisfaction to know that such dedicated people are doing such useful work in an area of great need.

I admire their courage and persistence. I also wish them great luck and much success. God bless.

Prakash Grover

Senior Science Advisor (Rtd), US Deptt of Health Human Services

Washington DC, USA

  1. I am glad to see many-sided development of IRIIM since my last visit, about three years ago. The sincerity & devotion behind this social work still persist to my satisfaction

Somesh Dasgupta, Kolkata, 2.2.03

  1. I am happy to witness the progress made by IRIIM within the last one year and wish their further success in future.

Pranab Kr. Jana, Kolkata, 2.2.03

  1. Having seen the rise of a phoenix like IRIIM for the past few years, I am really impressed to see the improvements progressing in leaps and bounds. Presently, we have been associated as a representative of VIDE, USA and have really been impressed by our partnership. We wish IRIIM all success in the days to come.

Sounak Sinha, 6.2.03

Software Engineer, CISCO Systems Inc

170, West Tasman Dr. San Jose, CA 95134

  1. Substantial Portion For Building Up The It And Tongue Imaging Facilities At The Center Have Been Provided By The Dept. Of It, Goi, Under A Sponsored Project Started About Three Years Ago. We Are Happy To Note That They Are Being Used Well. Soon, We Hope, The Methods Developed By The Center Are Propagated To Other Active Practitioners Of Traditional Medicine And Also To Rural Doctors.

We are very happy to note the very good work being done by the center in de-addiction. We find all the people very dedicating and the leadership provided by Dr. Bakshi, quite motivating.

We wish the center all success.

K.S.K Sai 11.02.03.

Senior Director, Dept. of Information Technology, GoI, New Delhi

  1. The ways IRIIM is working is encouraging and impressive.

Smt. Mallar Mitra & Smt. Ruth Khan Chowdhury

Jodhpur Park, Kolkata, 08. 06. 2003.

  1. IRIIM under Doctor Bakshi is doing an excellent work. This institution seeds encouragement and help. The Government (both W. Bengal and India) must help. As a matter fact I am very much impressed.

A.H. Khan Chowdhury, MLA 08.07.03.

  1. I have seen this organization in its infancy. Now after so many year, I am highly impressed by what I have seen today. A unique combination of patriotism, pro-people motivation and scientific temper characterizing this only is a most valuable asset for at least Eastern India. I am happy to be associated with this unique organization.

Ajit Narayan Bose

Kolkata, 28.8.03.

  1. I came here ready to admire the activities of IRIIM. I will go back with a readiness to help IRIIM spread the kind of integrated treatment and advices in medical knowledge through continuous research accompanying that treatment. Those are multiple obstacles against this spread but I am hopeful that IRIIM will be able to grow and extend its project friendly therapy across the country.

Amiya Bagchi

Kolkata , 21.09.03

  1. Today is a wonderful day. We have recovered from the dust and reconstructed our beloved Institute. Let us hope for the best in future.

Dr. P. K. Roy 21.09.03

Park Street, Kolkata,

  1. I and Dr. Gangatharan came to visit IRIIM on 25.11.2003, IRIIM Director and other Doctors are well qualified by University and have been sacrificed their noble service to the all kinds of patients and rendering noble medical service in Modern Natural therapy technology without bias. We pray God this organization must be developed for the welfare of the society without bias.

Dr.Gangatharan & Dr. M. G. Jayaseelan


  1. During the last 10 years ever since I came in contact with IRIIM, I have seen this institute growing strength to strength as a holistic center of traditional health care delivery system. I stayed for 2 days and experienced with having in Gurukul Ashram, where selfless and dedicated health workers give their services ‘service to mankind’ and ‘To Diseased’ appear to be moto of this institute, which was propounded by Late Ramakrishna Paramhansa in this part of our country.The ethics and doctrins followed is keeping Paramhansa alive in this campus.

Prof. (Dr.) Ram Gopal, UGC Visiting Prof. &

President World Association for Vedic studies &

Former Director, DRDO, MOD, New Delhi

  1. Visited a well-organized institute having a great future prospect regarding combination of both Traditional & Modern research developed science. Management under untired leadership of Dr. D. Bakshi is a challenging job. Eyes are on the next day to come when the institute will show the light to others.

I wish its positive progress.

Dr. Ashoke Kr. Chatterjee 28.2.04.,

Nodal Medical Officer, Bankura Zila Parishad,Bankura, W.B.

  1. This is first time I have visited this Hospital & College.I am really astonished that one man can do this big vast thing. I wish that he will successfully go forward.

Dr. Angshuman Ganguly

Howrah, 28.2.04.

  1. My grateful visit to the Institute impresses me much observing the beneficial works & activities of the institute. The justification has been recurring for the purpose of welfare activities. My instruction is to start & establish a similar organization in our area for the poverty stricken people of the area. I am highly inspired by the organizer and I am quite overloaded in joy with their reception and behavior.

Prafulla Kumar Halder 4.04.04.

Ex- Headmaster, Vill-Sahara, P.O. Sahararhat, Dist. 24 Pgs(S)- 743 504

  1. I visit the center I like very much the comprehensive way of drug rehabilitation in this center and hardship most of the problems of the drug addiction. It’s a great procedure to rehabilitate the drug addicts with natural therapy without using any medicine.

Dr. Mohd Sharif 27. 12.04.

Executive Director, NARCONON, Hyderabad, PAKISTAN

  1. This is a very beautiful experience of soul, where I feel there are people who are dedicated for the welfare of the people and society. It is important to hear such voice across. I wish all my good wishes for this organization and this effort.

Ajoy Kr. Rakshit 30.12.04.

Niedereith Str. 10a/2, A-4020 Liaz, Austria.

  1. The efforts and enthusiasm experienced in the premises of IRIIM is outstanding, particularly the quantum of labour and spirits spending on De-addiction center is commendable.

I wish each and every person related with IRIIM, my best wishes and may god bless with more energy to serve the human-kind.

Dr. N. Saraju, Green Wood, Siliguri, 11.1.05.

  1. My best wishes for every success in your efforts for medicine free healthy society for rich and poor.

Shri Kumar Poddar 20.2.05.

35 CCI Chambers, Mumbai 400 020

  1. Indeed an experience to see how effective traditional medicine could be. Much more is needed to done and research as well resource support must come to put it on a acceptable platform. Suggest some information and simulation studies put on the net for the benefit of masses at large.

Best Wishes for all the team.

Sneh Anand , IIT, New Delhi  2.03.05.

  1. I have heard about IRIIM long ago, but today I got the opportunity to visit this institute. In true sense the real integration of different medical systems are attempted here. I am highly pleased to see such a noble attempt. Moreover the research attempts taken by the institute are praiseworthy and I hope their research results may throw light towards the present knowledge of traditional medicine. I wish all success and long life of IRIIM.

Dr. P.C. Tripathi 29.04.05.

Shyama Das Baidhya Shyastra Peeth, Kolkata

  1. Visited IRIIM and we are really very happy to see the selfless service being provided by this organization. The team is very dedicated to the cause of upliftment and service minded. Lions Club of Kolkata Majesty will be very much willing to join hands with your organization to serve the society.

Mr. S. Khaitan, President Lions Mega City DC Health Service

  1. ‘IRIIM’ has successfully integrated man and nature along with consideration of different natural therapies. I am glad to see the teamwork with a social responsibility.

Today to fight the globalisation and market policy and to establish the correct health policy, IRIIM like organization can be build up through the struggle and construction.

With best wishes,

Medha Patkar, 17.9.05

  1. At first I am giving my heartiest congratulation thanks to Dr. D. Bakshi and Mrs. C. Mitra to giving me a chance of visiting IRIIM. I wish every time to come here at my opportunity. I wish every prosperity of the institute. Thanks

Dr. B. K. Pandey 23.12.05,

Central Blood Bank, Kolkata

  1. IRIIM in twenty five years has become a leading “Reference Center Of Excellence” in acupuncture-moxa, Yoga-Naturopathy, other systems of medicines have been receiving attention and well coordinated. In integrated system of these three practices have demonstrated good confidence level in practitioners and patients to recovery reported faster. De-addiction center recognized by GoI has done commendable work in last 13 years. To control relapses R & D under new “Rehabilitation Unit” is required to be developed.

During my eleven days stay and organization of “Six days yoga camp” covering two hours morning practical sessions and two hours afternoon discussion cum theory session, I found faculty and indoor patients very receptive. Yoga for all indoor patients at different packages level is recommended. First four steps Yama, Niyama, Asana and Pranayama are strongly advised to all starting from Director to a Casual worker as a pre-requisite of IRIIM family. More R & D (academic), social, self supporting, natural food production, publication, IRIIM march from campus (IRIIM Bhawan) to Jhuggi-Jhupri, Health Mela for IRIIM family are some of suggests to be concretized during Silver Jubilee year.

Silver line of success, Gold to follow.

Dr. (Prof.) Ram Gopal 2.03.02.

Chairman, IRIIM Research Advisory Board

Former Director, DRDO, Ph.D, GoI

  1. I, Mrs. Nalini Suresh Rao, had visited this place when this was just 1-year-old baby. The celebrations were just over. After that I remember this place today and visited. I am so happy to see the exposures and the good work carried on here. I am really very proud that this place is working for good cause for poor people. Please keep it up. I have also worked always for poor people. Seen the place in Sri Lanka and hope such open-air outdoor clinic can be started which will attract more students to work acupuncture. I have myself treated many acute and chronic patients with good results. Holistic medicine has to be kept alive-all the best Dr. Debasis Bakshi. May god bless you and this hospital for prosperity.

Kind regards,

Dr. N. S Rao 10.10.06.

Ex. Paediatric tutor, K.E.M.H, Mumbai,

Ex-Matron, Medical College Hospital, Nasik, Maharashtra


  1. I had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful hospital and experiencing the warmth and hospitality of everyone here under the dynamic and inspiring leadership of Dr. Bakshi. The service rendered by Dr. Bakshi and his team is commendable, especially in the rehabilitative treatment of addiction. I could understand that after a calamity in its initial phase, the institution rose to prominence like Phoenix. Let it again soar into the glorious heights and soothe the agonizing clients & their family members. Placing on record my immense gratitude for providing an opportunity to interact with the inmates and staff members. May God bless all of them here.

Prof. C. N. Balakrishnan 24.02.2007.

Clinical Psychologist

Sathyananda Holistic Hospital, Calicut-01

  1. 30. I visited the IRIIM Institute in connection with the project on Moxa on 23.10.2007. The system of treatment of IRIIM is very much scientific. I talked with some patients and the views of the patients are positive. Though there are some limitations but even then the results are promising.

Dr. R. P. Nandi 23.10.2007.

Ex. Joint Director Cinchona & other Medical Plants Garden

Mongpoo, Darjeeling, West Bengal

  1. 31. I am very pleased with the indoor setup established by Dr. Debasis Bakshi. He has done a lot of hard work and the patients are getting good results. I wish him all the best in this endeavour.

Dr. Raman Kapur 21.12.2008

Awarded Padmashri by Hon’ble President of India in Acupuncture,New Delhi

  1. Today I visited IRIIM at Mourigram, Howrah. I am overwhelmed with multipurpose activities of the Institute without any Govt. help and the activities are all related to human health. Starting from cure of disease to maintenance of good health and that at low cost. It is also engaged in Research Works and training the local youths. I wish all success of the institution and that for the benefit of the people.

Mr. B. P. Ghosh 16.01.2009

Dy. Speaker, W.B.L.A.

  1. I consider my visit to this Institute is one of memorable work to which I would like to wish it all success. The endeavor and dedication Dr. Bakshi & Team has been putting is bound to show the country, society and state a exemplary way to bring happiness to one and all especially the poor & downtrodden poverty since century worth visiting.
  2. Prasad HCL, 16.01.2009
  3. I visited this IRIIM today with a team of 6 members and our driver Shri Dilip Bar on behalf of Riddhi Seva Kendra, of 63/1, Dhakuria Station Road, Dhakuria, Kolkata – 700 031 and have seen and been explained the new concept of medical treatment. The reality of the patient and Doctor’s relation in terms of medicine, habit of food, concept of individual teaching of know how in daily life is no doubt appreciable to the high above hospital or nursing home as good as sanitarium idea.

More to say we pray its prosperous future and hope this IRIIM will come in light of this universe.

With best regard to this noble service,

Krishnadas Mukherjee 17.05.2009

President, Riddhi Seva Kendra

Associates: Bijush kanti Bandyopadhay, Purnima Das, Sanjit kr Basu, Siddhartha Ghosh, Ramkrishna Bhavia, Dilip Bar.

  1. I visited IRIIM and interacted with doctors and other staff working in this institute. There is no doubt that integrated medicine is the demand of today’s society as single type of therapy is not being found effective for all diseases. Specially some diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and viral diseases are becoming incurable. Hence traditional services should be used for cure of such diseases.

Excellent efforts are being made at this institute and I wish this institute should grow so that greater service can be provided to the society.

Dr. Lokendra Singh 02.09.2009

Director, Defence Reaserch Laboratory

Tejpur (Assam)

  1. We are amused to see such a beautiful property the layout and ideals. We see a great future in this organisation. Traditional Health care would love to start collaboration between each organisation .The Research of Tongue diagnosis is very impressive and deserves wide publication which Traditional Healthcare is happy to help with.

Tom Connor, David Holton 9.2009

Traditional Health Care, Australia

  1. It is a rare privilege to come in contact with Dr. Debasis Bakshi & Dr. Chandana Mitra. They have struggled with their life to develop IRIIM. They have been able to nurture the acupuncture, aurvedic medicine and various other components of Naturopathy in favour of rural population. We wish that the dream of IRIIM comes true and achieve international recognition. Best Diwali wishes,

Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta 18.10.2009

Jasloke Hospital, Pedar Road Mumbai

  1. I adhere to the views of my husband Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta. In addition my heartfelt complements to all members of IRIIM, to Debasis and Chandana in particular for their tremendous hard work and sincerity towards the cause of this non–profitable scientific organization. Wish you all every success and highest performance for the cause of humanity.

Mrs.I Dasgupta.18.10.09, Mumbai

  1. “In my whole life I had never heard of an ‘acupuncture hospital’ before staying at The Indian Research Institute for Integrated Medicine. It is across the river from Calcutta in Howrah. Dr. Debasis Bakshi’s place is a small, all-natural therapy haven, using tradition (non-western) and alternative systems of healing,

including acupuncture, Yoga, Naturopathy, all-organic vegetarian foods, etc. They grow many of the foods and medicinal herbs for themselves and their patients. Many do pieces of health care – you are so holistic.

“I will be telling people about this wonderful healing place. It needs to be replicated millions of times across on whole globe as we withdraw from the drug-primarily medical world. “The loving care is part of the healing. They treat almost every kind of illness. They rehabilitate drug addicts here.

“Thank you for this loving place. Thank you for healing me these past days. “Healing and nonviolent resistance to the violence – two basic ingredients of the world we are trying to hold up and imitate.”

Reverend Father C. Peter Dougherty Michigan Peace Team, Lansing, Michigan, USA                                                                               November 12, 2009

(Founder of Michigan Peace Team, Noted peace activist and specialist in nonviolence Reverend Father C. Peter Dougherty of USA who received the prestigious “Jamunalal Bajaj International Award for Promoting Gandhian Values Outside India” this year in Mumbai, visited Kolkata and West Bengal from 8th Nov. to 12th Nov. 2009.  During this period he stayed at Ranajit Memorial IRIIM Acupuncture Hospital, Mourigram, Howrah, West Bengal. Father Peter visited and participated in interactive discussions at Howrah and Midnapore (East) districts with noted intellectuals, social workers, activists and peace loving people and organizations both at Kolkata and Howrah. During his stay, Father Peter became sick for which he was treated with Acupuncture & Naturopathy which relieved him almost instantly. Following is the opinion expressed by Father before his departure from IRIIM.)

  1. In my short- timed visit to the institute and brief interactions with the organizers I have been deeply impressed .Here, an effort is being made to apply the collective wisdom of mankind over the years as a confined therapy to heal people. The sense of belongingness to the institution of the healers is remarkable. My interaction with patients under treatment was heart – warming. Not only are treating patients for their diseases, goal appears to be improvement of life– skill. I wish the institute all success.

Nilanjan Sandilya 13.11.09

Additional District Magistrate, South 24 Parganas

  1. I have visited the institute on my effort to conduct the W. Bengal State Naturopathy and Yoga conference scheduled 8-9 Jan.2011. The Natural Health Food Fair at Patna scheduled for 16-19 Sept is also forthcoming. In both these progs. this institution can contribute a lot. They have idea, developing infrastructure, strong footing with the able leadership of Dr. Debasis Bakshi, that I expect a lot from them to increase the awareness of Naturopathy in W. Bengal. I know this institution for last few years, but visiting for the first time .I am happy that they have vision and enthusiasm in working for Naturopathy. I understand that they are promoting other alternatives equally. Still this institute will be a hub for the NY activities in W.Bengal in the coming years.

I wish a bright future, wishes of success for their Research projects and all round developments.

Dr.Babu Joseph 02.09.2010


  1. I visited this premises and inspected all the hospital components in details and appreciated its purpose and functions to meet the demand and challenge of today’s medical needs and operations. I am pleased to see the dedications and services rendered by the staff. This facility is trying to find out today’s medical needs and solve the correspondent solutions. To make the quality care available to common run of people, I think they are just doing right thing to solve the basic medical solutions for the mass which is grossly neglected and overlooked by the legislations, institutions and all other systems related to medical services. I surely wish great success in their worthy efforts.

Sukumar Pal 14.12.2010


PHOENIX, A2 85032 USA (602)992-3481


USA (602) 670-9733(C)

  1. Very appreciable effort of IRIIM for the scientific promotion of Traditional science. It must be encouraged.

Dr. Awadesh Misra, 25.12.2010

V.P. A.B.P.C. Parisad, 15, RAJ GHAT, NEW DELHI, Mob. 093365 85213

  1. It gives me immense pleasure to visit the Indian Research Institute For Integrated Medicine (IRIIM) of Mouri, Howrah.

After inspecting the whole campus of this institution I can declare it as an ideal health care organisation to prevent and care of all types of diseases permanently in harmless ways with able guidance of Dr. Debasis Bakshi assisted by Dr. Chandana Mitra, Dr. Sujata Pal , Dr. Bikash Chandra , Dr. Arijit Dutta and others.

I can safely recommend some of my complicated patient to take advantage of this natural method of treatment specially Acupuncture as an alternative to homoeopathy and other existing systems of medicine.

I also recommend the superiority of the various food staff produced by this institution which is absolutely free from harmful chemical substances.

Lastly I can comment this Ranajit Memorial Acupuncture College and Hospital and other departments of this institution have been established as a non- profitable missionary institution to serve the suffering humanity.

Dr. Ramkrishna Ghosh Mondal 31.01.2011

D.M.S. (Cal). M.B.S. (Hom)

Member, Central Council of Homeopathy (Govt of India)

Hony. Physician,to the Governor of west Bengal

Retd. Principal, M.B. Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital (Govt of W.B.)

3, Panchanantala Road. Howrah- 711 101

Phone- (033)2641-0041, (033)2641-5370

Mobile- 98304 26141,Fax- (033)2640-0707